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My final Oscar award nomination for “Best Picture” prediction here…

I did this before in the past, but this is my final prediction of what will get nominated for the Oscars in Feb. of 2009 for “Best Picture”. Usually there are 5 films nominated every year for the “Best Picture” award and this is my pick.

I have only seen a few of these movies, but the ones I haven’t seen yet, I know will get nominated due to the hype…

Here’s my final predictions below:

“The Dark Knight”





Everybody knows why “The Dark Knight” will definitely get in. “Wall-E” will definitely get it no matter what happens. “Frost/Nixon” will definitely get in because of Ron Howard. “Changeling” will get it no matter what happens ’cause it rings Clint Eastwood everytime he’s at the Oscars every year with a new film. “Milk” starring Sean Penn will get it because they know that the film about a real life gay politician will create controversy in the media if it got nominated.

Out of this list, I only saw “The Dark Knight” and “Changeling” but the other three films looks really great. Mark my words, these five films will get the nomination. I don’t think films like “The Wrestler”, “Valkyrie” or “Benjamin Button” will get nominated at all.

I would be very surprised if “Valkyrie” got nominated for Best Picture all of a sudden, since it’s a WW II Nazi flick about Hitler, and it would be a shock if “Valkyrie” got the nomination and if it even wins. I would even be surprised if Tom Cruise wins for Best Male In a Leading Role nomination for “Valkyrie” as well. While “Valkyrie” does look really good, I don’t think it’s Oscar worthy.

Eastwood’s other film “Gran Torino” looks amazing as well, but I think “Changeling” will get the nomination instead of “Gran Torino”.

We’ll just wait until the official Oscar nominations come out to the press, to see if I got my predictions right.