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Film Review: District 9

Starring: Sharlto Copley

Directed by: Neil Blomkamp

So on my Martha’s Vineyard vacation over the weekend, I saw the movie “District 9” in a small movie theater in Edgartown on that island.

Here is my review:

Plot/synopsis: Strange beings of extraterrestrial’s have been stuck on planet Earth for 20 years. A huge mothership hovers over the city of Johannesburg, South Africa in the year of 2010. The area is also known as District 9 where it is taken over by aliens and the military. The aliens live on Earth as part of human’s every day lives.

MNU is a company that is interested in the aliens use of weapons, which they don’t care about the aliens going back to their home planets where they came from.

The MNU operative and main boss, Wikus van der Merwe, goes on a mission to force aliens to move to a new District 10. While searching an aliens home, Merwe finds a small alien device which squirts liquid in people’s faces. Merwe finds out that he is soon turning himself into one of those aliens by that liquid.

Merwe becomes friends with an alien named Christopher Johnson who has a small alien son. Christopher agrees to help Merwe to stop turning himself into an alien, to go back to human. Christopher explains he needs to bring Merwe to the mothership in order to turn him back to a full human but first he needs the fluid for the small alien spacecraft to travel up to the mothership with.

This was a perfect movie. Very good storytelling, very good acting, good pacing, and great cinematography. Most sci fi action adventures have silly plot lines and lots of corny action, but “District 9” was a very serious movie. I loved how they made this movie seems like it can really happen. Very realistic stuff. Probably the most intelligent writing I’ve ever seen.

No big stars at all in this film, the entire cast were  pretty much unknowns. I heard there is going to be a sequel to this film, ’cause I notice there is still more story to tell.

It’s very rare we get movies with really good writing, and finally we get one. Whether you’re into sci fi films or not, you should see this. This is my second favorite movie of the summer, right behind, “Star Trek”. This movie, “District 9” is more of a mix of sci fi/horror and action. 1st half of “District 9” gets serious and very deep, 2nd half gets really action packed.

I thought, “District 9” was a fuckin’ masterpiece, and loved every single minute of the film. Do yourself a favor and see it! Genius storytelling here.

Score for “District 9” = **** (4 stars as in “Excellent”)


Report: Interesting interview with film maker, Peter Jackson…

Interesting interview with Peter Jackson, film maker who did the “Lord of the Rings” series, the “King Kong” remake, etc. He is currently making, “The Hobbit”, the prequel to LOTR.

In this interview he speaks about remakes, sequels, adaptations…he also speaks about his movie, “District 9” and other films.

Read it here:


While I love today’s Hollywood movies, the only complaint that I have about Hollywood is that I too am pretty much fed up with remakes, sequels and adaptations from books/TV shows. Hollywood is over doing this stuff to death. Why? It makes the box office a lot of money, that’s why.

Just so you know, Stallone’s, “The Expendables” is a completely original film. It’s not a sequel from one of his older movies, and it’s not adapted from a novel anywhere. “The Expendables” is completely original from Stallone’s mind…so when “The Expendables” hit theaters in 2010, this is why I think this movie will be the most successful of that year. The film has all the tough guy action stars all in one movie and what’s even better about it, the story is an original piece of work. There’s more reasons why I’m so excited about the film. Kudos to Sly, for finally doing something original this time! Yeah!


Report: Peter Jackson to write “The Hobbit” with the same writers of “Lord of the Rings” trilogy…

Peter Jackson will not only produce “The Hobbit” which will be directed by “Hellboy” director Guillermo del Torro, Peter has also officially signed on to write the screenplay with the same writers whom he wrote with in the “Lord of the Rings Trilogy”. Peter Jackson is set to pen “The Hobbit” with Fran Walsh and Phillipa Boyens.

“The Hobbit” will be split into two films and Guillermo del Torro will direct both films.

Variety Reports:


Hope they do the film good. I have mixed feelings on this one.