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New Pink Floyd album set for Nov. 10th release date…

There’s a lot of angry Pink Floyd fans complaining that this album has no Roger Waters on the lead vocals. I think that’s more proof that people are very uneducated with music in this day and age. This album was intended to be mostly an instrumental album, I believe. They were just unreleased recordings that they did during the Division Bell sessions, just instrumentals that they did with the late Rick Wright on keyboards. This album was never intended to be new originals with Roger Waters on vocals. I think the band pretty much did this in honor of Rick Wright, more like a tribute for him. I’m sure they could put Roger Waters singing on the album but all that’s gonna do is overshadow Rick’s keyboard playing. This album was never meant to be a new album full of hits.

Fans complaining about no Roger Waters are fans who probably only listen to “Dark Side of the Moon” or “The Wall” only and not their other albums.

I’m definitely looking forward to “Endless River”! I’m pretty sure this will be a pretty sick album. This could be the album of the year. I’m a pretty big Pink Floyd fan myself. While I’m sure Rick Wright’s keyboard playing will be all over the album… I’m sure David Gilmour will put on some pretty sick guitar solos too. I love listening to Gilmour’s playing.