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Report: Stallone hires Robert Earl to produce “The Expendables”…

Sly Stallone just announced he just hired Robert Earl to produce “The Expendables” with him. Robert Earl is the CEO of Planet Hollywood restaurants/musuems. Earl revealed that he will heavily promote “The Expendables” at all Planet Hollywood sites across the globe, including the one in New York City in Times Square. So if you go to any of the Planet Hollywoods expect to see movie posters and cardboard cutouts of characters of the film “The Expendables” all over the place.

This article also confirms that Dolph Lundgren is definitely in the movie too.

More on it here:


Good to see this film moving forward.

I wonder who the female lead will be for “The Expendables”? Will he get an actress we’ve never heard of before like he always does or will he get a big name actress? Who knows. I’m sure we’ll hear about a female lead soon.

Edit to add: For a female lead, I think Sly should just get Talia Shire from the Rocky movies. Talia can play a different character in “The Expendables”. I’d like to see Sly and Talia together again!!!