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Correction: Roger Ross Williams and Elinor Burkett is no Kanye West moment…

I had a post before that I thought the Roger Ross Williams and Elinor Burkett incident was a Kanye West type of thing but after watching the video again, it’s clearly not. The award for “Music By Prudence” WAS meant to be for the both of them. Listen to the announcer, she even said Elinor’s name as the winner. One of the presenters had a second award which was meant to be given to Elinor which she didn’t take it yet. So before assuming that this is a Kanye West moment, pay attention like I didn’t. She may have interupted his speech but watching the video again it looks like he was cool with it and not angry. She wanted to bring up a woman who was influential for the band that was part of the movie. She didn’t pull a Kanye West thing at all, people.

Watch the video again. Elinor was allowed to be up there ’cause she was a winner too along with Roger.