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BREAKING NEWS: Ronnie Montrose death ruled a suicide…

The cause of death of legendary guitarist, Ronnie Montrose, has been revealed. He committed suicide, he didn’t die of cancer. The family released a statement confirming it, but they wouldn’t say how he killed himself understandably, and nobody needs to know. This is sad news and a sad way for someone to go out. Suicide is never the answer no matter if you have cancer or whatever.

More on the story, here.


RIP: Ronnie Montrose 1947 – 2012

Without Ronnie Montrose, there would be no Sammy Hagar. Ronnie was the one who helped launched Sammy’s career and fame. Montrose was the first major band Sammy had before his solo career and Van Halen.

In Ronnie’s earlier life, he grew up in San Francisco, but ran away from home to Colorado when he was 16. There, he formed the band, Sawbuck with bassist, Bill Church, in 1969. Later, he briefly played guitar for Boz Scaggs, and the Edgar Winter Group. Yes, he did play guitar on the Edgar Winter hit instrumental, “Frankenstein” and, “Free Ride”.

Later in 1972, he formed his own band, Montrose, in which he recruited, Sammy Hagar as his lead singer. They did two albums together. A self titled album and a second album, called, “Paper Money”. They are most famous for their hit, “Rock Candy”.

Over the years, Ronnie continued to play live. In 2009, he announced he had prostate cancer. Ronnie lost his battle with cancer and passed away. He was 64.