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Cool Video: Even I got a little teary eyed watching the “Lincoln” trailer!!!

As soon as I saw this trailer, Spielberg is going to sweep the Oscars with this movie for sure. Daniel Day-Lewis’s performance alone is what this movie is worth seeing for. Can’t wait to see this film, stoked for it. Finally, after all these silly action flicks full of CGI and crap horror films we’ve been getting, we finally get a serious movie! I’m definitely seeing this movie when it comes out.



BREAKING NEWS: Sally Field set to star as Mary Todd for Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” movie!!!

Just announced today, Dreamworks revealed the big news that two time Academy Award winner, Sally Field is set to play the wife of Abraham Lincoln, Mary Todd for Steven Spielberg’s, “Lincoln”, biopic. Steven and Sally never worked together before.

Deadline, reports.

I’m very excited for this “Lincoln” movie now. Both Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field are very talented. I’m sure this film will land Steven Spielberg back in the Oscars again. It smells Oscar all over it. Surprisingly enough, Steven hasn’t had a Best Picture nomination since “Munich” which never won. He won for Best Picture/Director for “Saving Private Ryan” in 1999. It’s been a long time since you’ve been in the Oscars, haven’t you, Steve?



Thought: Spiderman cast keeps getting even more interesting…Sally Field and Martin Sheen joins…

I think I maybe officially interested in the new Spiderman flick after all ’cause two talented actors, Martin Sheen and Sally Field have joined the cast. Sally Field haven’t had a major role since “Forrest Gump” and “Mrs. Doubtfire” which are the roles she’s most famous for. The legendary, Martin Sheen, the “Apocalypse Now” star, will be playing Uncle Ben. Sally will be playing, Aunt May.

See the article here at, Deadline.

Ya know, I was never really a huge fan of Marvel comics. I respect that business, but a lot of their superheroes really doesn’t get to me. The only Marvel superheroes that I liked were: Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, and the Punisher. I never really got into Spiderman. I’ll see the new Spiderman movie in theater, if the trailer is interesting enough to see it. I was more of a DC Comics fan than Marvel, but I do respect Stan Lee and his creations.