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About the “Lincoln” ending… (With NO spoilers)

In facebook or on this blog, when I responded to how the film “Lincoln” ended when a few people asked me about it, I didn’t give a lot of details on the ending. All I said was the film did show the Ford theater scenes and it dragged on, after that. While everyone should know how Lincoln died, does the film actually show John Wilkes Booth shooting Lincoln on the balcony while watching a theater play? Like I said, I’m not getting into details at this time. Just so you know, I didn’t give out any spoilers at all with my “Lincoln”, reviews. I didn’t give away too much. People kept asking me how the movie ended, and I say to myself, “Are you serious?” Why know about the ending now? Go see the film yourself. I can see why people are curious about the ending to “Lincoln”, ’cause of his assassination. I’ll have to say that Spielberg ended this movie in a different way, than most Lincoln biopics out there (yes, there are other “Lincoln” biopics).

I would love to talk about the ending, but I’m not gonna. It’s too early and I don’t want to anger a lot of people. Maybe when the BluRay/DVD comes out, I’ll talk about it then. I need to give people more time to see it first. It’s interesting why people are already asking me about the ending. I didn’t give it all away, just a tiny little bit.

Seriously, you should go see this flick before this stops playing. I’m sure this film will be in theaters for a long while.