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The Brock’s Horror Film Pick #28: The Shining (Kubrick/Nicholson version)

A top horror film list is not complete when you don’t put the “The Shining”, in there. I’ve always loved the original “Shining”, movie. Such a classic. It is Nicholson’s best role other than “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. A great movie to watch on Halloween with the whole family. A lot of people are going to get bored at the start of the movie with that 3 minute long opening credits sequence with the boring music, but they put that in there for a reason. The opening credits sequence is just an introduction, leading you up to the Overlook Hotel as the family travels there on the road. This is the movie that Stephen King even hated himself, but the movie still gets a lot of praise and respect by a lot of fans to this day. It is one of most watched movies around Halloween season. This has always been a great flick.


Thought: Is “The Shining” prequel a good idea? I would say so, yes!

Reports are saying that Warner Bros. are quietly moving forward with an idea of doing a prequel to Stanley Kubrick’s movie, “The Shining”, that starred Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. It would focus on the events before the original story where Jack, Wendy and Danny Torrance stayed at the Overlook Hotel so Jack can write his novel, later Jack was turned into a madman.

Stephen King announced earlier this year, that he is writing a sequel to “The Shining”, where it would focus on the story of Danny Torrance, the son, as a full grown man. Could there be “The Shining” movie trilogy, on the way? Looks it. If Warner Bros. is serious on a prequel, first they need to get written permission from King obviously. They need to buy the rights off him. I’m sure King would want it to happen ’cause it seems that he wants all of his novels to get turned into movies these days.

Maybe King will write the script for the prequel? Who knows. Anything is possible. There is so much more you can tell with “The Shining” story. As long as they get King involved in the prequel film, somehow, I’ll be all for it.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Overlook Hotel turned out to be. How it became haunted and all that stuff. As long as they make it different and original story, and won’t be a rehash of the original, where a different family goes to the Overlook, I’m all for it. There shouldn’t be a Jack Nicholson cameo for the prequel ’cause he’ll be too old for the role, by now, I’m sure the Jack Torrance name could be brought up in the prequel a few times though.

WB’s could make it good if they make it scary, and keep it in the horror genre. I’m looking forward to hearing King’s thoughts on the prequel to, “The Shining”. He’ll probably respond sooner or later. It seems that King responds through Entertainment Weekly, every time a remake is in the works of his films. A Shining trilogy could be interesting.