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Report: First look at JJ Abrams “Star Trek”!!!! OMG!!! You gotta see these!!!

OMG!!!! The new Star Trek film looks fucking SWEET from the images I’ve seen! The above pic is Zachary Quinto from “Heroes” as Spock.

See more photos from the new Star Trek movie here:


*jaw drops*

Very impressive! Now I can’t wait to see the next trailer with more footage from the film.

Eric Bana as Nero looks fucking cool!

I’m itching to see the movie NOW!!!


Confirmed: JJ Abrams “Star Trek” to run 2 hrs…

“Twilight” is not the only big movie that will run 2 hours straight, JJ Abrams “Star Trek” is another one!!!

MTV News reports:


And more Star Trek news, JJ Abrams responds back to William Shatner, I expect another videoblog by Shatner himself responding to this article here:


Looking forward to Star Trek when it comes out. I hope it’s good.


Report: J.J. Abrams shows private screening of “Star Trek” to Paramount Pictures…

J.J. Abrams has just wrapped up and finished filming the new “Star Trek” movie, scheduled to release in theaters May of 2009. J.J. Abrams showed a private screening of the film to Paramount Pictures execs and officials of the company only. Paramount says that the film is very impressive and very good. J.J. just needs to finish the last finishing touches of the film and then he’s done with it completely.

The next step is that Paramount is working on it’s first theaterical trailer of the film. A trailer of “Star Trek” with actual footage from the film, not another teaser. The teaser trailer for “Star Trek” was attached to the film “Cloverfield”.

More on it here:


Man, I can’t wait for this new Star Trek film. I just wish it wasn’t so far ahead in the release date. I’m itching to see it asap!