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The new Terminator movie is gonna suck. Not impressed…

Seriously, I love the Khaleesi but she looks terrible as Sarah Connor. I still prefer the original Sarah Connor who was played by the great, Linda Hamilton. The first two Terminator films directed by James Cameron will always be the best Terminator films. The Terminator films went downhill after Cameron stepped down. I wish Cameron and Hamilton would do one more Terminator film. I’m sure they would have but Cameron’s focus is on all of those “Avatar” sequels he’s got in the works.

I’m already feeling that “Terminator: Genysis” is gonna suck. Even Arnold returning wouldn’t be able to save it. Get James Cameron back on the helmĀ and I’m sure it would be a lot better.

I’m a huge Terminator fan, too by the way. The first two will always be classics.