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Film Of The Day: The Conversation

Francis Ford Coppola is one of my favorite film directors, and Gene Hackman is one of my favorite actors. I love this movie too much. As soon as you start watching, you’ll get hooked to the very end.

The story tells of a man named Harry Caul, who is a surveillance expert. He is a private surveillance expert and only uses the equipment that he made on his own. He doesn’t work alone, however, he works with a man named Stan, who is his business associate. Harry and Stan’s latest job, is that they must spy on a young couple who they suspect is about ready to get murdered.

Hackman delivers one of the best performances ever. Harrison Ford, also has a small role in this film. What makes this movie so great is the writing. The film may be pretty quiet and slow pacing, but once you get it, the story will thrill you. There are tons of twists and turns, a few big shockers. Toward the end of the film, will get pretty scary. This movie is thought provoking and smart. It is also unpredictable.

I watched this movie on Netflix for the first time, a few months back, actually, and I freaking LOVED IT. This is definitely a masterpiece, and if you want to consider yourself a movie buff, this is a film you must see. It’s another one of those classics that everybody should have seen. It is Netflix streamable, so definitely check this one out.