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Martin Scorsese is in a backlash by saying Marvel films or superhero films of any kind are like “theme parks than true cinema”… do I agree with him? He’s not wrong…

Martin Scorsese who is a legendary film maker and still is making movies today is in a lot of trouble over comments he made about Marvel films and superhero films. While promoting his first Netflix movie, “The Irishmen”, he said some things about Marvel that set off a firestorm of movie fans. Movie fans online have been bashing him like crazy for it.

What Scorsese said about Marvel films, he said he tried to watch ’em but he can’t ’cause to him they feel like “theme parks” and not true cinema. He also feels that stuff isn’t what young people of today shouldn’t be watching.


At first I was a little angry with him on that and started to piss me off but after thinking about it a while long and hard, he is right. He is dead on pretty much. In his defense, I think what he’s thinking is that when you see a Marvel movie, it feels like a theme park ’cause of all the CGI in these movies and all of these Marvel superhero costumes seem like they’re “theme-park” like. Kind of like when you go to Universal Studios, Sea World, Sixx Flags and Disney World… that’s what you’re seeing in Marvel movies, ya know. That’s kind of what Martin is saying.

He also brings up a valid point that Hollywood doesn’t know what true cinema is anymore. I think what Martin is saying is that he doesn’t want kids today watching these “theme-park” like movies. Superhero movies are getting old and tiresome and I hear him. He’s totally right.

Why won’t kids watch true cinema like in the old days with the “Godfather Trilogy” and I’m sure kids today haven’t even heard of those. Why won’t kids watch movies like “Casablanca”, “Citizen Kane” or any Orsen Welles and Humphrey Bogart film. What about true cinema like the old Clint Eastwood westerns, old John Wayne flicks like “True Grit” and Marilyn Monroe films. How come Hollywood isn’t making movies like those anymore? Instead we’re getting too much CGI crap and too much action movies with no story. We want Hollywood making serious movies again which we haven’t had in a long time. When Hollywood does make a serious movie, it only gets put in selected theaters… not being played everywhere like the old days. It’s always the big CGI action movies that gets played everywhere and marketed heavily. It’s tiresome.

I like superhero movies too, though… some of them are pretty cool but it is getting out of control. Hollywood needs to settle down on that stuff. I wanna see movies with good storytelling and that’s what we’re missing. Everybody’s obsessed with CGI and popcorn flicks nowadays. It’s terrible.


Film Of The Day: The Conversation

Francis Ford Coppola is one of my favorite film directors, and Gene Hackman is one of my favorite actors. I love this movie too much. As soon as you start watching, you’ll get hooked to the very end.

The story tells of a man named Harry Caul, who is a surveillance expert. He is a private surveillance expert and only uses the equipment that he made on his own. He doesn’t work alone, however, he works with a man named Stan, who is his business associate. Harry and Stan’s latest job, is that they must spy on a young couple who they suspect is about ready to get murdered.

Hackman delivers one of the best performances ever. Harrison Ford, also has a small role in this film. What makes this movie so great is the writing. The film may be pretty quiet and slow pacing, but once you get it, the story will thrill you. There are tons of twists and turns, a few big shockers. Toward the end of the film, will get pretty scary. This movie is thought provoking and smart. It is also unpredictable.

I watched this movie on Netflix for the first time, a few months back, actually, and I freaking LOVED IT. This is definitely a masterpiece, and if you want to consider yourself a movie buff, this is a film you must see. It’s another one of those classics that everybody should have seen. It is Netflix streamable, so definitely check this one out.


Report: the Oscars to give Francis Ford Coppola the Thalberg award…

The legendary Godfather trilogy director, Francis Ford Coppola, will be receiving, the Irving G. Thalberg award. Not only that he is the great director of the Godfather franchise, he also made excellent movies such as “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”, “Jack” starring Robin Williams, “The Outsiders”, “The Conversation”, “Apocalypse Now”, and more. He is also the brother of “Rocky” star, Talia Shire…and the Uncle of iconic actors, Nicolas Cage and Jason Schwartzman. Congrats Francis, well deserved!