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Report: Third Da Vinci Code movie greenlighted, next one is called, “The Lost Symbol”…

With “Angels and Demons” fast approaching to hit theaters everywhere May 15th, Columbia pictures already greenlighted a 3rd movie to the Da Vinci Code trilogy. The next one is titled, “The Lost Symbol” adapted from the Dan Brown novel which is set to hit bookstores, Sept. 15th.

The third book, “The Lost Symbol” is still based on Robert Langdon adventures, the story taken place after, “The Da Vinci Code”. “Angels and Demons” is a prequel which means it’s taken place before.

I can’t wait to see “Angels and Demons” film in May which I will see. I loved the book and will see the movie too. Yes, I’m pretty sure Ron Howard and Tom Hanks will return again for the “The Lost Symbol” film as well although this article doesn’t confirm them in returning. I’m also looking forward to picking up, “The Lost Symbol”, novel as I’m a huge Dan Brown fan.

Variety reports: