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Report: Alec Baldwin finally explains why he did no more Jack Ryan movies after, “The Hunt For the Red October”…

“30 Rock” star, Alec Baldwin took to his blog over at the, Huffington Post, to rant about why he did no more Jack Ryan movies after Tom Clancy’s submarine thriller, “The Hunt For the Red October”. He was going to do more but things got really heated. Reports claimed that scheduling conflicts is what caused this, but Alec explains the real reason he left the series. Basically, it all has something to do with the film director’s John McTierman negotiating with another famous actor who’s about to star in the sequel.

While Alec didn’t name who this “famous actor” is, I assume it’s Harrison Ford who took over the role for “Patriot Games”.

That article was quite the interesting read. I would have liked to see Alec continue the Jack Ryan character. “Hunt for the Red October” is a great film.