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RIP: Tom Clancy 1947 – 2013

This is pretty sad news that I felt was worth posting here. I haven’t read too many Tom Clancy books. I wasn’t that big of a fan of his but I admired him and respected him. I’ve only read a few of his books. “Patriot Games” and “The Hunt for Red October” were just a few of them I’ve read. Both of those books were my favorite and of course, I love the movies that were made for those. As a matter of fact, I just got done re-watching, “Hunt for Red October” film on Netflix just a few minutes ago. Great movie!

Tom was an author who wrote fictional stories based on military kind of stuff. He liked to write stuff about planes, and other military weapons. He is most famous for the Jack Ryan novel series which are being made for Hollywood film. Alec Baldwin played Jack Ryan for “Hunt For Red October”, Harrison Ford played the character in “Patriot Games” and “Clear and Present Danger”, and Ben Affleck played the character for “The Sum of All Fears”. Chris Pine will next star as Jack Ryan for the film, “Shadow Recruit”.

Tom not only had a huge influence in the Hollywood industry, he had an influence in the video gaming industry as well with games like, “Splinter Cell” and “Ghost Recon”.

Tom Clancy, passed away today with a cause of death not yet known, he was 66.



Report: Alec Baldwin finally explains why he did no more Jack Ryan movies after, “The Hunt For the Red October”…

“30 Rock” star, Alec Baldwin took to his blog over at the, Huffington Post, to rant about why he did no more Jack Ryan movies after Tom Clancy’s submarine thriller, “The Hunt For the Red October”. He was going to do more but things got really heated. Reports claimed that scheduling conflicts is what caused this, but Alec explains the real reason he left the series. Basically, it all has something to do with the film director’s John McTierman negotiating with another famous actor who’s about to star in the sequel.

While Alec didn’t name who this “famous actor” is, I assume it’s Harrison Ford who took over the role for “Patriot Games”.

That article was quite the interesting read. I would have liked to see Alec continue the Jack Ryan character. “Hunt for the Red October” is a great film.


Report: Chris Pine in talks to play Jack Ryan…

Harrison Ford may have expressed interest in playing Jack Ryan again for the next film but it’s either Harrison changed his mind or Paramount doesn’t want him.

“Star Trek’s” Chris Pine is in talks with Paramount to star as Jack Ryan for the next Jack Ryan movie.

So far there’s been four Jack Ryan movies with different actors playing them. Chris Pine could be the next Jack Ryan star.

Variety Reports:


Chris would make a great Jack Ryan. I still prefer Harrison Ford reprising the role though, wonder what’s the story on that?


Report: Writer for fifth Jack Ryan movie found, Hossein Amini, will pen next flick…

Paramount Pictures has announced they found a writer for the fifth Jack Ryan movie soon to be in the works. Writer Hossein Amini, has been signed by Paramount to write the script for the next Jack Ryan flick. Hossein Amini is the writer of the film “The Four Feathers” that starred the late Heath Ledger as the leading role.

Director Sam Raimi was attached and confirmed to helm the next Jack Ryan flick, but Raimi pulled out due to a busy schedule. Now the film has no director as of yet.

No actor has been casted for the Jack Ryan role, but Harrison Ford has recently picked up interest in playing the character again, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Paramount gets him.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:



Report: Harrison Ford to star in comedy directed by J.J. Abrams and hints at returning to the Jack Ryan role…

Harrison Ford, just announced that he will soon be working on a comedy film with director, J.J. Abrams. It is said that the J.J. Abrams comedy is the same writers who wrote the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada”. Keep in mind, that Harrison Ford starring in comedies is nothing new to him. Some of Ford’s comedies includes: “Working Girl”, “Sabrina”, “Six Days, Seven Nights”, “K-19 The Widowmaker”, and “Hollywood Homicide”. He may either work on the comedy next or the new drama which is about the pharmaceutical industry (Ford is probably reffering to that movie “Crowley”).

Later in this article, Ford is saying that he is very interested in making a return to the Jack Ryan character. A character that author Tom Clancy created. Ford starred as Jack Ryan in both “Patriot Games” and “Clear and Present Danger”.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


I have been wanting Harrison to return to the Jack Ryan role for a long time. It’s fantastic to see that Harrison’s grown interest into playing that character again, when he didn’t have a heart in going back to Jack Ryan in the past. The film makers will definitely give him the Jack Ryan role again as long as he wants it, so I see it definitely happening for sure. 🙂

“Patriot Games” is one of my favorite films of all times. It’s a great action thriller.