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Report: Former ECW/WWE wrestling star, The Sandman, busted for rowdy bar fight…

Former ECW/WWE wrestler, The Sandman (real name: James Fullington) was busted for getting into a rowdy bar fight against bar employees when he was there for a gathering with other former wrestlers. He threw beer glasses at them and when police showed, it was said he threw beer glasses at them too. The Sandman was taken into custody and was made some charges against him including resisting arrest.

When the ECW company (was owned by Paul Heyman, now owned by Vince McMahon) used to be in business, The Sandman was a longtime ECW regular known as a beer drinking redneck wrestler similar to Stone Cold’s gimmick, the Sandman was known to carrying a singapore cane everywhere he went. The Sandman performed in WWE from 2005-2007.

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Just more wrestlers who can’t keep their gimmicks in the wrestling ring. They get so into their characters that they try to use ’em in real life. Looking at the Sandman’s mugshot in the article, it must be a brutal fight, he’s got a bandaid and bruises all over his face. I can see the crowd in the bar cheering, “ECW, ECW, ECW, ECW,” to the Sandman.