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Cool Photo: Your first look at Michonne for “The Walking Dead” Season 3!!!

Michonne will be played by actress, Danai Gurira, who is a sword expert from the “Walking Dead” books. She’s good at killing a large number of walkers that nobody else could do. In the books, she teams up with Rick and his friends to help protect them. In the books, she was raped and abused by the Governor, and not sure if they’ll use that storyline for the TV show next season. I also wonder if they’re going to introduce, Tyrese (not T-Dog, different character), ’cause there was a big love triangle between him, Carol and Michonne. Will they use all this stuff for Season3? The next season will be taken place in a prison, the book, “Safety Behind Bars”. I’m sure the TV show will change a lot around and make things different, but I hope they use some of the material from book 3.

Can’t wait for “Season 3”. I wonder who’ll they get to play the Governor and Tyrese if they use those characters? The Governor is not a nice guy, he was a villain from the books.