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Walking Dead last night ****SPOILERS****

Well, I was kind of disappointed in last night’s “Walking Dead”. Remember, how I keep teasing that the Governor was going to do something horrible to Michonne but I wasn’t gonna say what it is? It was taken from the books and I wasn’t sure if they were going to use it for the TV show or not.

Let me explain below with Spoiler warnings!!! Do not read if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

If you haven’t seen it and curious on what it is, anyway, don’t yell at me, ’cause you’re the one that read it.

**********************SPOILER WARNING*************************
**********************DO NOT READ HERE************************

In the books, there was a point where Michonne sliced one of the Governor’s ears off with her sword. So in retaliation, the Governor held Michonne captive in one of his garage’s similar to the one you saw on the show last night. He had both of her arms chained up. The Governor raped, and tortured Michonne, while Glen listened to her next door. Then he used her for one of his zombie fight arena shows that he has. Later on, Michonne was able to escape.

Instead, on the TV show last night, The Governor ends up keeping Glen and Maggie captive. Glen was in one room and Maggie in the other. The Governor, came pretty close to raping Maggie but he stopped, as if it was a warning kind of thing.

I’m not sure if this season is planning to use the big Michonne vs. the Governor feud that was in the books for the TV show. Keep in mind, we still have the 2nd half of Season 3. So maybe the almost rape on Maggie was just a little preview of what’s coming up. Setting up for the big Governor vs. Michonne feud.

All of this season was not just adapted from book 3, they’ve been taking a lot of stuff from book 3, 4, 5, and 6. So much they left out, and changing the story around some.

I’m not quite sure if the rest of season 3 will use the Michonne rape and torture storyline or not. I’m hoping they will ’cause it will be a bit too controversial for TV. It will help the show get higher ratings, and it will sure as hell get everyone talking.

Remember I keep saying on this blog, that the Governor is not gonna be a nice guy? TOLD YA SO!!!!!!! 🙂

1st half of this season may be good, but if they use the Michonne rape stuff, the 2nd half will be even better.


Cool Photo: Your first look at Michonne for “The Walking Dead” Season 3!!!

Michonne will be played by actress, Danai Gurira, who is a sword expert from the “Walking Dead” books. She’s good at killing a large number of walkers that nobody else could do. In the books, she teams up with Rick and his friends to help protect them. In the books, she was raped and abused by the Governor, and not sure if they’ll use that storyline for the TV show next season. I also wonder if they’re going to introduce, Tyrese (not T-Dog, different character), ’cause there was a big love triangle between him, Carol and Michonne. Will they use all this stuff for Season3? The next season will be taken place in a prison, the book, “Safety Behind Bars”. I’m sure the TV show will change a lot around and make things different, but I hope they use some of the material from book 3.

Can’t wait for “Season 3”. I wonder who’ll they get to play the Governor and Tyrese if they use those characters? The Governor is not a nice guy, he was a villain from the books.