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237 years of the United States of America…



You can do all kinds of fun stuff all you want to… have cookouts with your families, go to fireworks, parties, outdoor activities such as swimming or boating, etc. — try to remember that this is the 237th year that Thomas Jefferson made us for what we all are… Americans.

This is why I take politics seriously. I love the United States of America. I will help speak out and defend our country when it starts to get really bad.

Seriously, I don’t hate on President Obama for no reason. All the man wants to do is destroy this country and give the Declaration of Independence a bad name. He doesn’t care about this or the Constitution. He’s destroying this country and many of you aren’t realizing it. I don’t hate on President Obama to start drama or do it for attention. I do it ’cause I love the United States of America and I hate what President Obama is doing with our home. I’m defending my homeland like most Americans and will do whatever it takes even if it means pissing a lot of people off.

America deserves better. We deserve to be a better nation and Obama is not making us any better. We’re gonna get rid of Obama. Like it or not. It’s what the country needs.

Happy July 4th. Stay out of trouble and stay safe.


Happy July 4th….

Remember, today isn’t about fireworks and cookouts with your family and friends. It’s about celebrating the Declaration of Independence.

Have fun in whatever you readers do. Watching fireworks, 4th of July parades, cookouts, parties, etc. Just be safe and behave.

Rock on.