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“Soaked In Bleach” movie about the murder of Kurt Cobain to be streaming on Netflix – November 15th…

If you want to see that Kurt Cobain murder documentary, “Soaked In Bleach” and don’t want to rent or buy it, you’ll get to see it on Netflix streaming on November 15th. If you subscribe to Netflix like I do, I’d suggest you watch this movie. Once you watch this movie then you’ll start to see that Kurt may have been murdered and how Courtney may have had something to do with it.


Just thought I’d pass this along.


Welp, here we go… Courtney Love trying to stop release of “Soaked in Bleach” film…

I toldjaso! I knew Courtney Love was gonna be pissed about the “Soaked In Bleach” film which is about to expose her cover-up of murdering Kurt Cobain.

Of course she’s in favor of the “Montage of Heck” documentary ’cause that film makes her look too good. She’s trying to stop the release of “Soaked In Bleach” ’cause she knows that film is about ready to expose the truth about her.

She’s getting scared to death that she’s about ready to get in trouble.


She tried to do the same with the Nick Broomfield documentary, “Kurt & Courtney” by not allowing to have any of Nirvana’s music played during that film.

If Courtney Love is not talking and won’t take responsibility for anything, then she’s definitely hiding something and looking more guilty.

Courtney is a cunt and always has been.

I really wanna see “Soaked in Bleach”. I’ll wait to see it when it comes on BluRay or maybe when Itunes Movies make it available for rent and maybe Netflix will stream it?


“Soaked in Bleach” director on Kurt Cobain’s mark on his left arm…

Photo above taken from this link here: http://www.alternativenation.net/new-photos-kurt-cobains-shoes-and-arm-with-puncture-mark-from-the-scene-of-his-death/

Tom Grant the director of the new Kurt Cobain documentary, “Soaked In Bleach” brings up an interesting theory on the mark of Kurt’s left arm in which Tom was referring to the photo above. Tom Grant takes to his twitter to write an interesting observation about the photo.


“I want to clarify my opinion about a small but important detail that keeps coming up online.
The police reports state there were “puncture marks on the inside of the left and right elbows.” The police photo shows what I would refer to as a “spot” on Kurts left arm near his elbow. It is clearly not on the “inside” of his elbow.

That “spot” may or may not be an injection point. It could be an insect or mosquito bite, a spot on the camera lens, etc. We have no evidence to indicate that is one of the “puncture marks” the police report is referring to. And it’s an unusual place on the arm for anyone to inject heroin.

So I think it would be wise for those who are seeking truth and accuracy here to be very careful about interpreting and assuming details we are not absolutely sure of.

Thank you!” – Tom Grant

I don’t think it’s an injection point ’cause around the elbow area is not a safe place to inject heroin. Heroin is mostly shot through the upper forearm area. In Kurt’s photo above, you don’t see any other marks on Kurt’s upper forearm area at all.

Do you ever come to think that who ever shot Kurt put that mark there so that it can make it look like he shot heroin before supposedly pulled the trigger?

I think the police might be dishonest about Kurt’s death and they maybe in on the cover-up to protect Courtney.


“Soaked In Bleach” new documentary about Kurt Cobain that Courtney Love is probably mad about…

Will “Soaked In Bleach” finally expose the truth that Kurt was actually murdered and it wasn’t suicide? This movie looks more interesting than “Montage of Heck” the one that Courtney herself released. I’m sure Courtney is getting mad at “Soaked In Bleach” getting released but oh well. Free country. The 1st Amendment is not stopping anyone from getting the truth told.

It is absolutely possible to kill someone and make it look like a suicide. Courtney didn’t kill Kurt herself, no way but I think she hired a hitman. She covered her tracks pretty well. She definitely wasn’t alone on this, though. I think she definitely had some criminal friends and drug addicts help cover for her so she can continue to live her life.

It’s time for the truth to get known. I’m looking forward to seeing this movie.