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Report: Zack Snyder signs deal to make three video games with EA…

Zack Snyder who is the director of films such as “300” and the upcoming “Watchmen” (if it gets released and not canned by Fox, that is) has signed a deal to make 3 original video games with Electronic Arts. EA inspired to work with Snyder by the success of “300”, since the film’s audience is mostly young men in their 20’s and 30’s who also buys the most video games, EA thinks that Snyder would make really good video games being that “300” movie is almost video game like.

Remember now, Snyder is signed to do three “original” video games, meaning he won’t be doing sequels of other video games or no video games adapted from movies. Totally original.

Variety Reports:


Looking forward to what Snyder is going to come up with, he’ll come up with really good stuff for the video games.