Thought: George Lucas, ENOUGH OF STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!

I am sick of it. Sick of Star Wars. Sick of it, sick of it, sick of it!!!!!! Come on George!!!! 6 movies is enough! Now we’re getting a CGI animated movie and a live action TV series based on nothing but the “Clone Wars” coming our way. It’s all pathetic in my opinion.

I like Star Wars don’t get me wrong, but I sometimes feel the Star Wars franchise is highly overrated. I enjoyed the six Star Wars movies, the 3 originals and the 3 prequels, I liked them all.

I want to see George do something original. I think George is just doing more Star Wars ’cause he enjoys the attention of money being made off of it. “American Graffiti” and “THX 1138” were both great films. If he keeps doing more Star Wars, I believe he can’t do original work anymore ’cause if he did something that is not Star Wars, it’ll bomb, that’s exactly what happened to “Howard the Duck”.

If George Lucas one day announces he’s doing three more live action Star Wars films in the future based on a different plot, I’m done with Star Wars, completely. This guy is gonna be doing Star Wars stuff until the day he dies.


0 thoughts on “Thought: George Lucas, ENOUGH OF STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. There will be more Star Wars stuff after he dies. George is not the problem,it is the market the “problem”.

    I am personally excited for anything Star Wars, so I don’t want original movies from George. 😀

  2. Enough with starcrap, it’s like a francishe like McDooDoo. It’s the finatic fans that doesn’t really realize, buying his craps or watching it….make him rich while U go poor!

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