Report: WWE For Kids?

The World Wrestling Entertainment wants more children to enter a WWE ring. The WWE soon plans on launching “WWEKidz” magazine along with a new website:

The new magazine will be aimed directly at children ages from 6 – 14 and the first issue will be released on newstands everywhere April 15th.

The WWE continues to draw an audience of mostly young children and little toddlers to this day. It is the reason that the WWE brought in a midget adult character, Hornswoggle (pictured above) to the WWE to entertain the children who still watches WWE. Children also seems to be fans of wrestlers such as John Cena, Rey Mysterio, The Undertaker, and Jeff Hardy. And of course, Triple H as well.

The WWE plans on settling down the storylines so they can be more family and children oriented. Over the years, the WWE had concentrated on storylines aimed at the adults, now they want to concentrate on the children who still watch WWE.

Variety Reports:

If there is one thing that WWE could improve to get huge again is make storylines children and family oriented. Some of the violence and “sex” in WWE storylines are not at all for children but kids still watch WWE anyways.

I was a little child when I first watched WWF/WWE for the first time and still watch WWE to this day. Watched WWE my entire life. I grew up on wrestling. It’s a good thing WWE is doing finally.


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  1. It’s about time and someone is smart to finally notice it! Mr.Vince is nobody’s fool. He’s a good business man and knows which way the wind blows. The “money” is in the kids! The world has too much “sex” in it and one night stands. The WWF is like a cartoon and needs to get away from the “serious” stories and just be fun! No more “T & A” but only a little. Like Bugs Bunny & Tom’nJerry had “violence” but no one really got hurt & kids grew up fine watching it. People grew up fine watching Amos & Andy, too.
    I just home that eggplant boxer from Dancing On The Stars Floyd Marryweather gets pummeled by the Big Show. Or the Undertaker. Whichever one fights him. That boxer is “arrogant” and needs to know his place.
    Come see us wrestle in Rotterdam NY! Someday I’ll be in the WWE (yeah I’m old school & refuse to call it WWF) if I’m lucky!

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