BREAKING NEWS: No love for Popeye, Olive Oyl files divorce…

*insert Popeye laugh here*

Robin Williams longtime wife Marcia Garces Williams had just filed divorce on him. The couple has been married for 19 years!

More on it here:

Awwww man that sucks!

When the divorce is official, now all the ladies will be going after him!


0 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: No love for Popeye, Olive Oyl files divorce…”

  1. He has a small crooked cock, and chicks don’t dig that because most of them have enormous spongy “vaginas” that aren’t tight. That’s why fat chicks like black men, because their “pussies” are the biggest and squishiest. You can see his tiny pecker in the film “Fisher King.” It’s scary. I had nightmares.

    Olive Oil was played by Shelly Duvall, Robert’s skinny daughter, and neither of them a relation to dike actress Clea Duvall. Chances are that Shelly’s pussy was a lot tighter than most black chicks, because a crooked little guy like Robin could pork her with no complaints from her. The ironic thing about “lesbians” like Clea Duvall is that they all have stinky “vaginas” because no man will eat them. So lesbians learn to like Fish.

    Popeye was a bomb at the box office but it remains one of my personal “guilty” favorites. Robin Williams captured that muttering under the breath Popeye of the 1930s to perfection, Duvall was genius casting as Olive, and hell! Roy Walston as Poopdeck Pappy!

  2. I actually agree with you that “Popeye” was a very good film, it was one of my favorites as a kid. The Popeye character of Olive Oil is not spoiled “Oil” it is spelled “Oyl”. Look it up yourself.


  3. This is a sad story all the time there’s a divorce in a family. I bet the fiorst wife who married Robin is happy because this young babysitter stole her husband & now is going to take the rest of his Mork money away.

    Ulysses Ronquillo is right. Everyone in the acting worls knew this was “going” to happen. It is very common for all powerful & attractive people to have misshaen and or large genitals. Like Axl Rose has a small penis but very large balls. Same with the reports about Elliot Spitzer lately. The other way around is true for simon cowell, richard gere & the awesome geddy lee.
    even in women the “power=big privates” is common knowledge almost all the time. Just look at Rosie ODOnnel & Hillary CLinton.
    And everyone KNOWS that Obama is packing a mean popcicle.
    I hope that Mork/Mrs.Doubtfire’s children arent made poor and broke for this sad news. They might end up like that girl from Diffrent Strokes.

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