Report: Stallone planning to do “Rhinestone” sequel with Dolly Parton…

Sylvester Stallone has announced he is planning a sequel to “Rhinestone”. He had already started writing the script but has not yet announced the title. Stallone will reprise his role as Nick Martinelli and Dolly Parton has confirmed to reprise her role as Jake. “Rhinestone” was about a legendary country star who thinks she can turn anyone into a country star, she meets up with a taxi driver who she tries to turn him into a country singer like her.

The sequel to “Rhinestone” will be different. The story to “Rhinestone 2” will be about where Stallone’s character Nick Martinelli actually already a country star, but Dolly’s character Jake is kidnapped by a different country rock band who are drunks and a bunch of bullies. Martinelli must save Jake from the badguys, this is not a western film, this is an all out action flick where cowboys go at it kicking each others asses. Stallone says he will do more singing in this film, he will also write and direct.

“I was embarrassed when I saw myself singing in the first film, so I went to my brother Frank who is also a musician teach me to sing,” Stallone said. “Rhinestone 2 will be better than the first, this will help Dolly with the promotion of her new album.”

More on the story here:’_Day



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