Report: Frank Darabont still upset about “Indy 4” turn down by Lucas…

Frank Darabont an iconic film maker known for making movies like “The Mist”, “The Green Mile”, and “The Shawshank Redemption” was turned down by George Lucas last year after Darabont spent an entire year writing the script for “Indiana Jones 4”. Steven Spielberg loved Darabont’s script for “Indy 4” but Lucas hated it. After being turned down, Darabont’s been complaining about it ever since, calling that year a “waste” and continue to slam George Lucas.

Look like we won’t ever see Darabont working with Lucas ever again, he made it pretty clear that Darabont won’t even work with Lucas for the upcoming live action “Star Wars” TV series. Darabont is upset that he won’t get credit for his work in his turned down script for Indy 4. I think Darabont is the one that came up with the idea to bring Marion Ravenwood back in the first place.

MTV Movies Blog reports:

Way to go, Frank! Don’t let George bring you down! George Lucas is an egomaniac who all he cares about is himself, he’s just working with Indy again just to help plug in his upcoming Star Wars projects.

Indiana Jones is Steven Spielberg’s creation, not George’s. If Steven loved the script, he shouldn’t have to listen to George. They should have taken Frank’s script after all the long and hard work he put into it. It is a waste of year and I feel for him.


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