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Thought: Back from seeing “Indy and the Crystal Skull” for the second time!!!!

Yep, you heard that right, I just got back from the mall from seeing “Indiana Jones 4” this afternoon. I loved it even more than the first time I saw it. I learned a lot more things about the film the second time I’ve seen it. Those who don’t like the film or think it was ok, go see it again and again, I’m sure it’ll grow on you and it’s an original film with a different story. I like the storytelling in Indy 4.

I didn’t buy any new videogames today ’cause I gotta stop buying them for a while after I beat GTA 4 and several other games I haven’t beaten yet.

So instead I picked up a few movies on DVD and a few music CD’s. I picked up the new Rambo 2 disc DVD (I didn’t get the Blu Ray, I went for the DVD instead), and I also picked up the movie “I’m Not There” (the Bob Dylan biopic starring a bunch of different stars, Heath Ledger, Cate Blanchett, etc.). For music CD’s I picked up Mason Jennings new disc “In the Ever” and Scarlett Johansson’s “Anywhere I Lay My Head”.

I will reveiw all those soon.


Thought: CGI in movies is a new revolution…get over it people…

Man, movie goers are still slamming Indiana Jones 4 for all the CGI used in them. And for the silly scenes in Indy 4 that didn’t make sense which they made for humor and laughs in the film. Profesional movie critics loved Indy 4 but regular movie goers are giving it mixed reviews from bad to good. So that goes to show that the new Indy film created a lot of controversy.

When people slam Indy 4 for the CGI used in the film, they all sound like hypocrites ’cause of most of them are fans of the Spiderman trilogy and the new Star Wars prequels, and all those movies are loaded with CGI.

You’re talking about Indy 4 being loaded with computer effects and silly scenes that don’t make sense? Those things are all over the first 3 three Indy films.

What about in Raiders where all them ghosts started coming out of the Ark when Belloq opened it at the end of the film? Those are computer effects, since CGI wasn’t around back in those days, they still used computers to make that effects. Computers that are not so profesional back in those days.

What about in Raiders when the Nazis pushed Marion down the hole where Indy and John Rys Davies were waiting to climb back up, Marion landed on the statue and crashed onto the ground. There is no way she could have survived that fall in real life. That stunt was obviously done by a stunt woman.

What about the truck chase scene in Raiders where Indy climbs under a Nazi truck?

What about the Rollercoaster mine chase scene in “Temple of Doom” that scene was goofy and silly but it was made for fun and entertainment. What wabout the rope bridge scene with Moloram and his army in the final battle at the end of “Temple of Doom”?

Oh yeah, and what about in the “Last Crusade” the ending, when Indy, Elsa and Donovan finally found the room where the Holy Grail is at, when Donovan agrees to drink from the grail, Elsa chooses a grail for him, Donovan dies by quickly turning into a skeleton noticing it was the wrong grail. That scene was goofy and silly! But it was made for humor and laughs!


Spielberg had always been known to make weird scenes in all of his movies. What about in Jaws? Do you think sharks actually jump out of the water and eat people in real life? NO! In Close Encounters do you think aliens actually know how to play music in a spaceship? LOL! War of the Worlds remake is a goof fest but still a fun movie. Hmmmm…Minority Report is full of CGI and goofy scenes as well. Look at Articial Intelligence, even serious movies like Amistad and Schindler’s List has scenes that are pretty weird (like it’s supposed to be a black and white movie, yet you see a little girl in the film with a red coat).

Spielberg had always been a loon when making movies. But he still makes great movies. The guy is a fucking legend. Stop slamming Indy 4 ’cause of it’s goofy and silly content. It’s just a damn movie people.
Like I said before the people slamming Indy 4 because of CGI used and it’s silly content are sound like a bunch of hypocrites.

Spielberg movies are made for fun. Get a life Indy fans.

End of rant.


Report: Indiana Jones 4 still making strong box office…

So far, Indy 4 made $56 million in it’s first two days. Indy will break world records for sure.

The Associated Press reports:


I’m sure the malls all over NY State are packed all day with people seeing Indy 4 all day long on Memorial Day Weekend. On Memorial Day tomorrow, people will still be seeing the movie too.

Could “The Dark Knight” top Indy when that film hits theaters this summer? It’s a possibility.

I’m a huge Indiana Jones nut, that’s why I talk about these movies in my blog all the time.



Thought: Indy movie series ranking…

Here’s how I would rank the Indiana Jones series in order of which one I think is best…

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indy and the Crystal Skull

Indy and the Temple of Doom

Indy and the Last Crusade


Yep, there, I said it. I think “The Crystal Skull” is definitely ten times better than “Temple of Doom” and “The Last Crusade”. “The Crystal Skull” ranks up there behind “Raiders”.

I’m reading a lot of reviews by fans in movie message boards about the film and lot of them are shitting on and giving hate for it for the CGI and the Science Fiction mixed in with the film.

In the films defense, I wanted to say that the CGI in the film is done for a reason. Spielberg had to make every scene in the film exactly like it is in the script. Most of the scenes in the film are hard, dangerous and risky to do in real life. Plus the sci fi scenes at the end of the movie couldn’t possibly be done with anything else, CGI had to be used.

I personally think Lucas and Spielberg did a great job with the CGI in the film. Movie fans hate CGI in movies because they make it feel like a cartoon but I disagree. NEWS FLASH, it’s just a damn movie people! STOP taking it so damn seriously and just enjoy the movie for what it is! You don’t have to view your opinion in every detail in almost every little thing that goes on in the film. I just enjoy the film for what it is. Who cares about the CGI computer effects. They do CGI in a lot of movies these days. The CGI was used to give it  a realistic sci fi feel. CGI wasn’t used in the first three Indy films because CGI wasn’t invented in those days, CGI for films didn’t come around ’til around the 90’s.

The reason for all the CGI in the film, I think Spielberg just wanted to make an Indy film to fit in today’s current movies, so it won’t feel like an Indy film in the past, if that makes sense. He didn’t want to bring Indy’s past into the now.

As for the sci fi mixed in with Indy that some people out there aren’t liking. In defense to that, I think Spielberg just wanted to make this a different Indy film. He wanted this one totally different than the earlier ones. Why would he want to make an Indy movie with basically the same story from “Raiders”? Spielberg just didn’t want an Indy film based on ancient history. He thought science fiction in an Indy film would be a great idea to make it an original story, and it is “original”. Something different and unique storytelling.

And besides don’t blame Lucas and Spielberg for the script. David Koepp is the writer for “Indy 4”. Not Lucas and Spielberg. David Koepp is the one that came up with the idea for bringing sci fi into “Indy 4”. If you look at Koepp’s writing resume, he did other films such as the first “Spiderman”, “Zathura” and he previously worked on “War of the Worlds” remake with Spielberg. Those films are loaded with CGI effects and a little sci fi in them.

As explained in the review below, I loved “Crystal Skull” so much that I plan on seeing it a few more times in the theater. It’s just as good as “Raiders”, in my opinion. I might go see it again today or tomorrow as a matter of fact.



Report: Audience reaction of “Indy and the Crystal Skull” at Cannes…

Well, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” made it’s debut at Cannes this weekend. Of course most of the cast and crew attended the event and watched their own movie there along with Spielberg, Lucas and Ford. Did the audience cheer and clap throughout the entire movie? Not really. The Indy 4 audience at Cannes got a mixed reaction. Some were excited and loved the film, some did not enjoy it.

When Ron Howard’s “The Da Vinci Code” debuted at Cannes last year, “The Da Vinci Code” got a harsh negative reaction that the audience walked out with a dissapointment and thought the film sucked.

Indy 4 got mixed reviews from the audiences.

The Associated Press Reports:


This isn’t a good sign that Indy 4 could top “Iron Man”.

But either way, I’m looking forward to seeing it myself. Can’t wait!



Report: Frank Darabont still upset about “Indy 4” turn down by Lucas…

Frank Darabont an iconic film maker known for making movies like “The Mist”, “The Green Mile”, and “The Shawshank Redemption” was turned down by George Lucas last year after Darabont spent an entire year writing the script for “Indiana Jones 4”. Steven Spielberg loved Darabont’s script for “Indy 4” but Lucas hated it. After being turned down, Darabont’s been complaining about it ever since, calling that year a “waste” and continue to slam George Lucas.

Look like we won’t ever see Darabont working with Lucas ever again, he made it pretty clear that Darabont won’t even work with Lucas for the upcoming live action “Star Wars” TV series. Darabont is upset that he won’t get credit for his work in his turned down script for Indy 4. I think Darabont is the one that came up with the idea to bring Marion Ravenwood back in the first place.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


Way to go, Frank! Don’t let George bring you down! George Lucas is an egomaniac who all he cares about is himself, he’s just working with Indy again just to help plug in his upcoming Star Wars projects.

Indiana Jones is Steven Spielberg’s creation, not George’s. If Steven loved the script, he shouldn’t have to listen to George. They should have taken Frank’s script after all the long and hard work he put into it. It is a waste of year and I feel for him.