Report: Trump may want the Juice but not NBC…


Donald Trump maybe thinking about wanting to have OJ on celebrity Apprentice but NBC say no they don’t want the Juice.

More on it here:

I knew NBC wouldn’t. You honestly think they would after the Vegas robbery bullshit? Think how OJ’s goons that set him up for the robbery will come and attack the Donald. Anything like that can happen.

The media is doing a great thing for not having a psycho wanting to still keep his name known for a celebrity, that’s what it’s all about. Keeping OJ’s name known, OJ doesn’t care about Donald and it wasn’t about the money. It’s all about trying to promote the criminal OJ is. If that’s how OJ wants to be famous for being  a psychotic criminal, it’s hilarious how he actually think TV is going sign him for any shows.

Why are so many talented actors and musicians dying in this world, and OJ Simpson is still alive and well? If OJ doesn’t go to prison, lets hope someone out there slices his neck with a knife.



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