Report: Heath Ledger Joker dolls (or action figures) flies off shelves…

The newly made and released Heath Ledger joker action figures are selling out quick. They are priced at $9.99 and people in NYC are having a hard time trying to find one. Toys ‘R Us in NYC says it will take a while to get more in.

More on it here:

Now, don’t tell me that people from all over the states and the world, traveled to NYC just get a Heath Ledger Joker action figure. Come on now. They are just plastic toys! Are they really worth something or will they worth a lot 20 years from now?

I love Heath Ledger as the Joker myself but a toy is a toy!

I can’t wait to see “The Dark Knight”. Honestly, out of all of my most anticipated movies I want to see, I’m dying to see “The Dark Knight” over everything else. “The Dark Knight” will indeed be the best Batman movie ever made. “The Dark Knight” is my no. 1 most anticipated film.



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