Report: Stallone blames Myanmar junta for the cyclone deaths…

Sylvester Stallone finally got the chance to speak out his thoughts on the cyclone disaster that hit the country of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) which killed over 20,000 people and death toll is still rising. While promoting his new movie “Rambo” in Tokyo, Japan as you read this, Sly says that it’s the Myanmar junta and the goverment’s fault for all those deaths. Since before the cyclone hit, Myanmar is a country known for the governement and the Burmese armies being abusive and treating Myanmar civilians like slaves, it’s been like that for years in Myanmar and still is to this day.

Sly believes the reason for the deaths is just Myanmar government’s way of suffering the civilians some more by being unprepared for the cyclone.

More on it here:

I actually agree with Sly. Myanmar is a strict country. If the Myanmar government actually cared for their people, they would allow them to prepare to save lives from the cyclone and all those people would have been alive now. It’s obvious the Myanmar government doesn’t care for their own people. Myanmar goverment are very evil, hateful and spiteful people.

It’s a good thing Sly and the cast and crew of “Rambo” left filming before the cyclone hit, Sly and everyone else would have been dead too as you all know, “Rambo” was filmed directly on the borders between Myanmar and Thailand.


 Edit to add: Here’s a video of it where Sly says all that from the mouth himself…

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