Cool Video: Radio interview with AC/DC’s Brian Johnson…

Ac/Dc frontman Brian Johnson finally came out of hiding after all these years and was interviewed a radiostation called WMGK 102.9, not sure where the radiostation is from.

In the interview they talk about Ac/Dc working on the new album of course, no album title has been decided yet. Brian talks about that Angus is hard to recognize when he’s not in the schoolboy suit. Brian admits that Angus is a very shy and quiet man, gets real nervous when performing on stage. During the bands break, Brian admits this is the longest Ac/Dc has ever been out of music.  Brian says he’s been working on music and writing songs with other bands people don’t know about on the bands hiatus, he’s also wrote 3 songs for a movie that he and a comedian friend worked on, plus Brian says he’s just having fun and enjoying life while Ac/Dc is on a hiatus.

Watch the youtube clip to hear this entertaining interview! Good to have you back Brian!


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