Report: Why McCain will be our next president…

Everybody thinks that Barack Obama or Hillary will become our next President, but it is the truth that McCain will win. McCain will be elected as our next President and his recent interview with Bill O’ Reilly explains it all.

From FOXNews excerpt of the interview:,2933,354727,00.html

McCain is the man and that’s who I’m rooting for. America wants another George W. Bush, that’s a proven fact. If George W. was running again (I know he’s not, but what if…), you can betchass he would have been elected again.

Obama and Clinton both want the war to end right away so US soldiers come home but if that happens, that lets the terrorists win the war. We have to finish what we’ve started, McCain should be president to keep the war going so we can win. McCain knows what he’s talking about with truth dead on, as all Obama and Clinton are doing is just slamming each other for media attention. Just because Obama is winning most of the states, doesn’t mean he will win President election in the future.

Anything can happen in President elections.



0 thoughts on “Report: Why McCain will be our next president…”

  1. Finally, something we can agree upon! You’ve never been more “spot on,” Kevin.
    Way to stand up and stick to your guns and to stay with the truth!
    Mark my words– no one wants to Rock Out With Your Barack Out.
    Everyone knows Barack Hussein Obama is one of them “Manchurian Candidates” and will bring us down.
    That screeching Hillary broad can’t even keep her husband from fooling around–how is she supposed to keep all them Chinamen & Iranians & Mex-i-cants-work in line?
    I dont usually agree with The Bill Oreilley Factor but he got the truth out this time.
    I always wonder if Bill Oreilley Factor hits the bottle too much. I had an Irish uncle who had a problem with the sauce. I never let him touch me though.

    Go War Hero John McCain and his hot wife Cindy!
    Too bad that Bob Barr can’t be a good vice president for John McCain.

    Keep up all the great work!

  2. Um… I have a feeling that McCain isn’t getting into the White House EVER. And while it is true that just because Obama’s winning more states doesn’t mean he’ll win, but it’s still probable.

    Furthermore, I am an adamant pacifist. War is wrong, no matter how you phrase it. There is ALWAYS a better way to do things. Always something better than fighting a seven year war that gets us trillions of dollars in debt and leaves many families, both American and Iraqi, broken. I agree that terrorism is wrong, but there are terrorists in the US, too. The OKC bombing in 1995? An American man. Let’s stop pretending everybody in the Middle East is a terrorist and get on with our own business, like getting out of the previously mentioned debt.

  3. McCain isn’t doing much else right now except ripping on Obama for, well… everything. McCain’s grasping at straws because he sees that he is going to lose the election.

    And where are you getting this “America wants another Bush” thing? We most certainly do not.

    And another thing – nobody wins in war. People just die senselessly. You can’t honestly believe that just because we stay in a place that we’re not welcome means that we’re winning. No, it just means that we’re getting people to hate us more for sticking our noses in foreign affairs.

    We should fix all of America’s problems before we get mixed up with other countries.

    Obama is going to win and there’s no way around it.

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