Report: James Hetfield speaks on the new Metallica album…

Rollingstone magazine spoke with James Hetfield about the new Metallica album at Flea’s benefit show. James hinted in the interview that the band is bringing their past sound in their music today by describing the new album, “The direction is embracing our past in the now”.

Read the interview here:

From the clips I’ve heard of a new song in the “Mission: Metallica” website, it did kind of sound 80’s speed metal pretty damn close to it.

After the bomb of “St. Anger”, I think the band will get huge and successful again like they once were in the 80’s and early 90’s during the Black album days. I think the band want to get out of their “alternative” rock sound and go back to what they were before, a metal band. Hetfield just revealed that in the interview.

They need their metal and heavy sound back. They need their old fans back. I’m already feeling that their next album will be the best since the Black album.



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