Report: Christian Bale finally speaks about working on “The Dark Knight” with Heath Ledger…

Batman star Christian Bale has been quiet about Heath Ledger ever since his death way back in Jan. As the film “The Dark Knight” gets closer to it’s release date on July 18th, Mr. Bale or Mr. Wayne, speaks out about the late young actor.

Bale describes Heath Ledger as “intense” and “anarchistic” when performing scenes in the film, but when not filming Bale describes Heath’s personality as shy, quiet, and laid back. Bale says the film was something he wanted to share with Heath and says he hopes “The Dark Knight” will be a celebration of Heath’s work for everyone.

More on it here:,,20202566,00.html

I can’t wait for “The Dark Knight”, I’ve been looking forward to this film ever since the last one “Batman: Begins”.

I have a feeling that “The Dark Knight” will definitely top Indy 4 in box office, not just because it’s Heath Ledger, only because it’s a Batman movie. The Batman movies are always successful.

The film will definitely be a celebration of Heath Ledger for sure.



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