Report: Hillary Clinton to back out after Obama got democratic nomination…

It looks like Hillary Clinton finally realizes that she doesn’t have what it takes to become the first female president, she has decided to call it quits for trying to run. Barack Obama successfully won the democratic nomination.

More on it here:

If Obama does get elected President this year, Hillary could be his vice president. Lets just pray that doesn’t happen either!

McCain for President!



0 thoughts on “Report: Hillary Clinton to back out after Obama got democratic nomination…”

  1. McCain will find those WMDs in Iraq if it takes a hundred years! If he won’t keep this war going indefinitely no one will.

  2. Absolutely.
    She’s barely some 9th rate pug that should be pumping gas in Jersey.
    I’m glad SOMEone in the blog world isn’t sucked in by the lies they all say. I’m not saying people out there in America are punchy but they gotta be a little mentally relaxed.
    Even that black priest said that Obama Hussein is a “long legged mack daddy.” Isn’t that hilarious!? Also, he is a chain smoker and a collectivist.
    “Hill” as we all know, is responsible for many mysteries and unsolved murders and disappearances in Washington DC and Arkansas.
    Why is everyone so afraid of saying that if we have to pick from these three DemoPublicans that war hero John M is the best of the worst.
    John M should do a commercial dressed like ‘Braddock MIA’ or ‘RAMBO’ because he was in Vietnam.
    Too bad Huckabee isn’t running. He had Chuck Norris for a friend. Then McCain could join forces and they could have a real good theme for the campaign like “let’s not be idiots like we were in Vietnam” or something. And they could take care of these babbling Iraqis and Iranians and while they’re at it, everyone else that’s messing with our good friends in Israel.
    In a few years, Russia will be mostly moslem (rememebr when it was spelled like that in school -lol) and then we’re really in for it.
    That’s whan all the Damien and Revelation stuff will happen.
    Mark My words!l

  3. I have read blogs from all over the world- this guy is NOT A RACIST.
    Bon Sneezlebot is probably in the KKK and hates everyone except his own kind of race. Stupid racist troll.
    Get a life you bloated red faced alcoholic ahole.
    Go start trouble on someone else’s blog. This is a good one with a lot of good topics.

  4. This Mc Cain guy is gonna ruin everythang! I’m not a big fan of blacks either but we do need a democrat in the office. We need lower gas prices I guess this wouldn’t bother someone with out a drivers license. Fuck those oil owners to hell with em’!!!!!!!

  5. “Nice try “Freddy Teeter”
    We all know you are The Legend Ray Faulkner or Brother T or some other pest.
    Kiss my grits.”

    And how would I know if you’re really Bro T or some other pest since you’re the only here making different screen names under the same exact IP number. Don’t fool me, ’cause I know who you are thanks to the IP option in wordpress.


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