Thought: Ok Mr. Stallone, pick your next movie already!!!!

I can know for sure that all the Stallone fans like myself are going crazy that he hasn’t picked his next movie yet! It could be very possible that Sly is preparing for “Inglorious Bastards” the next Quentin Tarantino flick that he plans to shoot next very soon. Could this be why Quentin finally decided to start the project because Sylvester is now done promoting Rambo overseas? Could it be that Quentin has been waiting for Sly?

Sly has been tight lipped about confirming his next movie for a long while. He has talked about remaking “Deathwish” and doing “POE”, he has been signed to do a two action picture deal with Nu Image/Millenium which those two films hasn’t been announced yet, and now the rumoured “Inglorious Bastards”.

The die hard Stallone fanatics like me just can’t wait to see what his next movie is going to be! He did a great job with the comeback of “Rocky” and “Rambo”. Now it’s time to move on to something new and different. Come on Sly! PIck your next film! The more Sly Stallone, the better! The man deserves a huge comeback and he got it!



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