Report: Brian De Palma to helm “The Boston Stranglers”…

Legendary film maker Brian De Palma is set to direct “The Boston Stranglers”, a film based on real life events which is about a serial killer raping and murdering several women, mostly women in their 50’s and up. Everyone of those murders were raped and strangled. It happened in Boston, Mass in the 1960’s. While it was rumuored the murders were aimed at a man named Albert Desalvo who they accused of, the murders were not committed by one person.

Brian Depalma had directed other films such as the iconic “Scarface”, “Stephen King’s Carrie”, “The Untouchables”, “Femme Fatale”, “The Black Dahlia” and others.

Depalma is famed and known for using multiple split screens in his films. He has inspired other film makers to do the same ever since.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

I really liked his movie “The Black Dahlia”, so he will do a good job with this one too. I wonder who Depalma is going to pick for Desalvo? Depalma is best at doing dark films.



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