Thought: Now I wish Darabont’s version of Indy IV was made instead…

I can’t believe this. I’ve just read a review from Frank Darabont’s scrapped “Indy 4” script by Lucas. Frank Darabont’s version is titled “Indiana Jones and the City of Gods”, but it basically had the same plot where Indy have to save the Crystal Skull from the Russians. In David Koepp’s version, many of the scenes in the current Indy film were stolen from Darabont’s version.

One thing I want to point out though, that Mutt Williams played by Shia wasn’t in Darabont’s version but everything else you see in the new version is Darabont’s creation. This makes me want to hate George Lucas even more.

I loved the “Crystal Skull” movie don’t get me wrong, I think it would be a better film if they used Darabont’s script in the first place.

Click here and be shocked:

Why the hell would George Lucas say no to Darabont’s script and then says yes to Koepp’s when both are basically the same exact story and has the same exact scenes?

But nope, George liked the Mutt Williams character to give it a Star Wars feel. The Darabont version sounds better.

Darabont should sue Lucas. I’m serious and hope he does.



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