Report: Christian Bale threatens to quit Batman movies if brought back Robin…

Christian Bale revealed the shocking news that he will quit the new Batman franchise if the producers and Christopher Nolan decided to bring back Robin, Batman’s sidekick and crime fighting partner. Bale says he’ll chain himself up somewhere and refusing to go to work, if Robin does get written for the next Batman film.

Chris O’ Donnell starred as Robin alongside George Clooney as Batman in “Batman and Robin” that also starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze.

More on it here:

The question is will Christian still work on the Batman movies if Nolan brought back the Riddler, Catwoman and the Penguin?

Robin’s always been a huge part of the Batman franchise. Sorry but Christian is sounding a bit of an egomaniac here. I think Christian is just worried that the film makers wills sign some good looking kid to play Robin that will take over Christian’s spotlight in the media. Yep, I think I just figured out why Christian is upset about that.



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