Report: Richard Dean Anderson teases that he might do “Macgyver” film…

Since several months back, it was reported that “Macgyver” TV show creator Lee David Zlotoff won the rights to make the series into a major motion picture for the big screen, in this article, Richard Dean Anderson the current star of “Stargate SG-1” seems to be game in reprising his role as Macgyver again, not for the TV screen, but for the big screen in theater. Of course, Richard Dean Anderson was at Comic Con to promote “Stargate Continuum”.

More on it here:


I’m pretty happy that Richard Dean Anderson is still game for playing the role!

Come on Hollywood! Get the “Macgyver” movie in the works ’cause we all know it will dominate box office!

No one else could play Macgyver but Richard Dean Anderson, the role belongs to him!


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