Report: Arnold to be CGI in “Terminator Salvation” and do voice overs???

McG, the director of “Terminator Salvation” has teased at Comic Con that Arnold Schwarzenegger may actually be in the new film. While he is still keeping secrets underwraps, he is still giving small hints that the Governator may have a pretty big role in the film, but the Arnold Terminator maybe CGI. My guess is that they will take Arnold’s image from the first three Terminator films and make him CGI for T-4. Arnold himself may have time to go into the studio to do voice overs, the real Arnold himself may not be in the film at all, just a CGI Arnold with him doing voice overs if that makes sense.

More on it here:

I believe it’s true. Arnold will be in it, don’t worry.

I’m sure the CGI Arnold as the Terminator will appear toward the end of the film.

I am actually very anticipated for this film now. In the past, I used to worry it’s going to be bad, but after I’ve seen the teaser, I’m like, woah, this is gonna be a great Terminator film! I love “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” and I hope this one will be just as good!


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