Report: Another wrestling legend about to part ways with WWE…Mick Foley?

Mick Foley, known as a legendary hardcore wrestling legend is another one that is about to part ways with WWE. Mick Foley is currently a color commentator for the Smackdown brand alongside with Jim Ross. Wrestling sources say that Foley’s contract is expiring soon and looks like he may not renew, and he may move on…again.

The commentators on RAW/SD/ECW/ and the PPV’s wear these headsets and backstage, there is a production team that speak into their headsets giving the announcers what lines to say on television during the matches. Foley is being bothered and distracted by Vince McMahon’s yelling in the headsets when Vince is giving him lines backstage. After Foley complained to Vince about the yellling, Vince since then calmed his tone down when speaking in the headsets during matches. Things aren’t looking good with Mick Foley as it looks like he may part ways with WWE also.

Mick Foley is a hardcore wrestling legend known for wrestling under three different gimmicks: Cactus Jack, Dude Love, and Mankind. Foley wrestled under the Cactus Jack persona for most of his life. Before Foley joined the WWE, he wrestled in Japan for most of his life to get his start in brutal hardcore wrestling. Later he joined the WCW when that company used to be around. After Foley left WCW, he joined Paul Heyman’s owned company ECW where he wrestled many of the greats. Foley had plenty of matches with wrestlers such as Terry Funk and Al Snow the most. And of course, he wrestled the Undertaker many times.

When Foley finally arrived in the WWE in 1996, he first appeared as Mankind a character where he wears a white shirt, a tie, and a weird brown mask, and he wears a sock, known as Mr. Socko. Foley started to get noticed as a hardcore wrestler after he was viciously thrown off a Cell cage in a “Hell In a Cell” match with the Undertaker at King of the Ring and crashed onto the announcers table which got Foley his fame, that short ten minute match created a lot of controversy.

Foley is a controversial hardcore wrestler who had plenty of injuries, including getting his ear ripped off and getting his teeth knocked out, and plenty more gruesome injuries. Other than his wrestling career, Foley is an author and an actor who had appeared in other TV shows and movies. Mick Foley is also a family man who is married to his longtime wife Collete and the couple have four children together, they are, Duey, Michael, Francis, and Noelle. Foley currently resides in Long Island, N.Y.

See the report of Mick Foley possibly leaving WWE for good here:

Keep it up Vince, the more you keep your ego in check, the more superstars will leave the company.


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  1. In the WWE nothing is for ever. Mick has had a great run and the door will open both ways.

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