Report: George Clooney is up for “The Challenge”…

George Clooney just bought the rights to make a film titled “The Challenge” which Clooney himself may possibly write it, direct it and star the leading role in although Clooney’s spokesperson say he hasn’t confirmed which role he will take part in for the film.

“The Challenge” will be adapted by the novel written by Jonathan Mahler. This film will be similar to “Michael Clayton” as “The Challenge” will be centered around lawyers. The synopsis for “The Challenge”, is about a lawyer named Charles Swift (which I believe who Clooney will play) and law professor Neal Katyal mission is to make sure that the Osama Bin Laden driver, Salim Hamdan gets a fair trial.

Clooney have been after Mahler’s novel for quite some time and the author gave Clooney the go ahead to make the film.

Hamdan was sentenced Aug. 7th to 66 months in prison in support of terrorism but was acquitted of the serious charge to committ murder.

Variety Reports:

While George is mostly known as an actor, he is a very good director too. I enjoy his directing style. And I hope he directs this one.


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