Report: Mark Millar to direct the Superman reboot for Warner Bros.????

In this interview comic book creator Mark Millar hinted that Warner Bros. is in negotiations with him to direct the new Superman reboot. Miller had a plan for the new Superman for like 10 years and he finally wants to get it off the ground.

He says he wants the new Superman movies to be a 7 hour story split into 3 sequels as a trilogy. He wants it to be a Lord of the Rings like epic.

There’s nothing confirmed yet but Millar hopes to hear something from Warner Bros. in the next few weeks.

More on it here:

Warner Bros. would probably go for him. Millar knows his stuff. I’m sure Millar can make a very good Superman film in a very dark way. If Warner Bros. does sign Mark Millar as the director expect this news to be huge all over media.

I’m kind of feeling sorry and bad for Bryan Singer, but what are you gonna do ya know? This is Hollywood and movie business. I’m sure we’ll be hearing Bryan Singer’s thoughts about Warner Bros. decision about the reboot soon ’cause I’m interested in hearing what he has to say about this. I’m sure he isn’t very happy at all.


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