Film Review: Righteous Kill

Starring: Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, Brian Dennehy, 50 Cent, Carla Gugino, John Leguizamo

Directed by: Jon Avnet

I just got back home from seeing the movie “Righteous Kill” the new film that stars Robert Deniro and Al Pacino, another re-teaming of the two biggest stars in Hollywood. The last film they starred in together was “Heat” released back in 1995.

In this film, Robert Deniro plays Turk, and Al Pacino plays Rooster, both New York City Detectives and police officers. Brian Dennehy plays Lt. Hingis, the boss of the two detectives. The film starts off with a murder of a young girl that just got raped and murdered. The two detectives, Turk and Rooster believe they solved the case years ago.

Whenever someone committs a crime, Turk and Rooster hunt the criminals down, the court lets them all walk which the serial killer murders all the criminals that got away with their crime. Deniro’s character Turk has been having an affair with Karen Corelli played by the sexy Carla Cugino, they weren’t lovers, they were just friends and intimate with each other. Karen is a sexual woman who sleeps around with other police officers as well.

The NYPD department later began to realize that the serial killer could possibly be a police officer because it was the cop’s way of getting rid of criminals for good. All the blame was pointed at Turk (Deniro), they tried to make Deniro look like a killer throughout the entire film but they finally realize it wasn’t him and there is a different serial killer cop suspect on the loose. Each time the criminals were murdered by the cop serial killer, he would leave a poem trying to frame Deniro’s character for the crimes.

Who is the serial killer in the film? You’ll have to see it yourself to find out.

As far as my thoughts on the movie goes, the film wasn’t as bad as the internet made it out to be. I actually liked it. It was a decent thriller. Although it was pretty easy to figure out who the real killer in the film was, I knew who it was all along. But hey, this is Robby D and Al Pacino playing in a film together again, any film with them in it is good. Their acting was great as usual. I just wish the script could have been written a little better.

It was also great to see Brian Dennehy play in a film again, he’s looking real good too. After seeing this movie, goes to show that Dennehy still has what it takes to play Will Teasle in a Rambo film again ’cause Dennehy’s character in “Righteous Kill” immediately reminded me of Will Teasle. So Sly, if you decide to do another Rambo, please bring Will Teasle back!

They had a great actress choice to play alongside Robby D and Al, Carla Gugino is a smoking hot woman.

Other than that, “Righteous Kill” wasn’t that bad of a film, I just like it for Robby D and Al, the story was interesting although it could have been written better as I said before.

Score for “Righteous Kill” = *** (3 stars as in “good”)


3 thoughts on “Film Review: Righteous Kill”

  1. Pacino and De Niro, my two favorites working of all-time, finally appear on screen for a full movie. The only problem that the movie ended up being this junk. Nice post, check out mine when you can!

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