Report: More details revealed about Bruce Willis’s “Three Stories About Joan” directorial debut…

A while back I reported that it was announced that Bruce Willis is directing his first movie titled “Three Stories About Joan”. All the article said was when and where it was filming.

Variety gave more details. Bruce Willis will also star the leading role of course, Kieran Culkin (Macaulay Culkin’s real life little brother) have already joined the cast early. Bruce have tapped actress Camilla Belle to star alongside him, she previously starred in the film “10,000 B.C.”.

The story is about a young woman at three points in her life, and the family tragedies that caused her to lose her grip on reality. Willis will play the father of Belle’s character. The screenplay was written by Christopher Alexander and Sam Applebaum.

Shooting will be in early October in Shreveport, L.A.

Variety Reports:

Sounds good. Hope the film don’t dissapoint.


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