Report: Angelina Jolie’s “Salt” to have a mix of drama and action…

In Angelina’s acting career, she has always been known to have two different personalities. One is when she stars in a serious drama film, when her acting gets serious and emotional. The other personality, is when she stars in a big action flick and she’s the sexy star in it. The producer of the film explains that her next film “Salt” is going to have a mix of both.

MTV Movies Blog reports:

I’ve always wanted to see her in a movie like that where she brings in both the drama and the action.

Her movie “The Bone Collector” released back in ’99 which she stars with Denzel Washington is kind of a mix of action/drama, but that film is more of a thriller though.

She never really had a role where she brings in drama/action and sex all at the same time. Great idea. Angelina is an actress, I’ve always admired my entire life. I look forward to anything she does.

I’ll admit she has starred in some pretty shitty movies, but some of her stuff is really really really good like “Gia”, “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”, “Girl Interupted”, “A Mighty Heart” and she had a great role in “The Good Shepherd”. Those were the best films she’s starred in, the rest of ’em are okay, pretty good and she had some shitty ones as well.

I just enjoy watching her films for eye candy and enjoy watching her acting talent, I’m kind of addicted to her.


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