Thought: Guns N’ Roses, why are they so big in the news?

So the legendary Guns N’ Roses haven’t done much in their career. They’ve been around since the 80’s and they only made 5 albums. “Apetite For Destruction” and “Use Your Illusion I and II” were the band’s three biggest albums in their career while their last album “The Spaghetti Incident” was a major flop.

The band continues to go on world tours over the years and they were still making “Chinese Democracy” while at it, so I wouldn’t really call this a hiatus. Gn’R maybe on a hiatus of releasing new studio albums  but they’ve been still playing music after all these years.

Since the band haven’t done much, why does Axl and Guns N’Roses constantly makes the news all the time? You may think you’re getting sick of Gn’R news and think that “no one cares” about Guns N’ Roses anymore but I disagree.

Why do they continue to make the news in the media and everyone is hating on the band? I’ll tell you why. It’s because the public is afraid to admit that they do “still care” about Guns N’ Roses. Everyone knows they are dying to hear what Axl has in store for the “Chinese Democracy” album. Everyone think the album is going to suck and some people think the album is going to be great. Talking negative on a band is what spreads controversy and it’s something that the media loves.

Metallica and Guns N’ Roses both have one thing in common, both bands gets a lot haters with music fans, lol. The same goes with Metallica. Before “Death Magnetic” was released, while the band was making that album, even though a lot of people hated Metallica, they were afraid to admit that they still cared about the band and they were afraid to listen to “Death Magnetic” because of “St. Anger”. When “Death Magnetic” finally came out, everybody was blown away by the album, and fans gave Metallica a positive direction this time around.

Will the same happen to Guns N’ Roses when “Chinese Democracy” actually comes out this year in Nov? Who knows. That’s how you let the music speak on it’s own. Put the music out there and let the fans do the judging whether they hate your music or love your music. “Chinese Democracy” could be a major flop or a big success.

And just because the original members of Gn’R is no longer with the band like Slash, Duff McKagan, etc. does not mean “Chinese Democracy” will suck, it still has a possibility of being an incredible album. Many people online already heard the songs before it’s released and they say the new album sucks, but you can’t judge this early, maybe those Gn’R songs you heard was just “demos”, not the actual album recording. You have to wait for the album to come out and then do the judging.

I like Guns N’ Roses. I personally think their best albums were “Use Your Illusion I and II”. I do enjoy “Destruction” but it’s kind of overrated. “Gn’R Lies” is also a great record too.

So, Guns N’ Roses have all new members. So what? Big deal. Bands changes members all the time. Even the biggest bands in rock n’ roll history change band members also including the Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Aerosmith, The Smashing Pumpkins and many more to name. People are not going to stay in the same band forever, it’s just the way life and the music world is.

I’m looking forward to hearing “Chinese Democracy” if it’ll actually arrive on the shelves Nov. 23rd. I’m sure it’ll be a good album. Axl Rose is a talented songwriter and unique.


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