CD Review: Ac/Dc “Black Ice”…

Just finished listening to Ac/Dc’s “Black Ice” the entire album from the link below the post here. My thoughts.

I really enjoyed it. It’s quite a good album. Nothing amazing or nothing mind blowing, but exceptionally good. It’s just typical Ac/Dc. Same sound, same style. The usual great guitar playing by Angus and Malcolm. “Black Ice” is no return to “Back In Black” or “The Razor’s Edge”, “Black Ice” is more aiming toward the Bon Scott era. “Black Ice” has the classic Ac/Dc sound back. I would like to give vocal credit to Brian Johnson.

During the bands long 8 year hiatus, Brian Johnson must be working hard on his vocals. He has improved. He is not just a screamer on this new album, he actually “sings”. There are songs where Brian sings in a deep voice, to regular singing, to high pitch screaming. The earlier Ac/Dc albums, you hear Brian screaming pretty much throughout the entire song, but not with this album. He actually “sings” which is good.

I wish the album could be a little better but other than that, I’m happy to see the band back after all these years!

My favorite tracks: “Rock N’ Roll Train”, “Big Jack”, “Stormy May Day”, “Decibel”, “Money Made” and the title track “Black Ice”.

Score for Ac/Dc’s “Black Ice” = *** (3 stars as in good)


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